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Although I normally listen to true crime podcasts, I recently found a new-to-me podcast that I love. It’s called Hurry Slowly, and it’s a podcast about “how you can be more productive, creative, and resilient through the simple act of slowing down.” I’m only a few episodes in, but with every episode I’ve listened to, I found at least one takeaway to add to my daily routine.

In Episode 001, the host Jocelyn Glei talks to Jason Fried, the co-founder of Basecamp. He talks at length about respecting not only your own time, but the time of your colleagues, and how he’s ingrained that into the culture at Basecamp. Since listening to the podcast, I’ve realized that the simple act of delaying delivery on emails until the next workday is one small way I can respect people’s personal time.

In Episode 004, she talks to Kim Chambers, a marathon swimmer with a fabulous definition of calculated risk. From that episode, I took away a new way of thinking about risk, and how sometimes you have to jump in the water with the sharks (both literally and figuratively). Did you know that there’s a list of the world’s seven most challenging open water swims called the Oceans Seven?

In Episode 005, Austin Kleon discusses the benefits of multiple work spaces for different tasks. I love this idea; I’ve taken to sitting in my decorative office chair when I need to jot down notes, and in my comfy living room chair for telecoms. He emphasizes the importance of walking away from your computer, and how this doesn’t mean shutting off your creative mind.

All the other episodes I’ve listened to have been great as well. Episode 002 has motivated me to try to get out in nature more, and Episode 003 is the reason I’ve been shutting off my phone and email during the day when I’m on a tight deadline. I highly recommend this podcast series – give it a listen and tell me what you think!